Before and After Photos of the Week

March 19, 2014 1 comment

Ready for another round of Before & After photos? Of course you are!

This week, we’re featuring the great work of Clean Cut Carpet Cleaning in Australia, who were called in to take care of a hallway that had seen better days. Chris from Clean Cut wrote this on Facebook:

The Bat signal was shone in the dark skies over Melton today. Dropping everything and rushing to the scene of the crime I found this sad and abused young carpet. He had aspirations to be a good shag, but alas, this little carpet is destined to remain a rental quality sisal. That still doesn’t excuse the torture he’s been forced to endure though!


He wasn’t kidding! This poor carpet has definitely been abused. Let’s see how it looks after a visit from the “Batmobile.”


Holy hamburgers, Batman! Those stains sure took a beating!

Here’s what Chris had to say about the job, after the fact:

It was a close one but this young carpet will live to serve another tenant. I spoke to his young rug after the ordeal and she was just thankful that her mat was ok, and that their 3 little off cuts wouldn’t be without a father. She was quoted as saying “Thank you, Batman! When life walks all over you, it’s good to know that someone is there to save the day!”

Brilliant work, Chris, and thanks for sharing!

Infographic: Critical Elements of a Homepage

Getting started on a new website design any time soon? You’ll definitely want to check out this infographic from HubSpot about the different elements that make up a successful homepage. For service industry professionals, having your phone number and contact information displayed prominently is a must!


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Before and After: Cleaning Pics of the Week

Greetings, and welcome to another edition of our Before & After series!

This week we’re focusing on a type of photo that you can utilize to market yourself on social media. That would be the “During” photo, which demonstrates the contrast between a dirty section and a clean section of the same carpet. Our selected examples come from SarrikClean Premiere Carpet & Rug Care in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, who have done a great job showing how much of a difference a clean carpet can make!

Here are some examples of photos they have shared on their Facebook page:

sarrik1 sarrik2 sarrik3 sarrik4

Excellent work! After seeing those lines of contrast between the clean and dirty sections, what homeowner wouldn’t start to wonder how dirty their carpets really are?

Thanks for sharing, SarrikClean!

Before and After Cleaning Pics of the Week

Greetings, and welcome to another installment of our Before & After series! This week’s feature comes from Magic Carpet Pride in the Chicago metropolitan area, and was featured on their Facebook page.

One of the many services that Magic Carpet Pride offers is upholstery cleaning, and recently they were called to clean a beautiful chair which had fallen victim to an entire quart of chocolate milk.

Here is the before photo:

magic before

Eek! Who was drinking a quart of chocolate milk in the first place? That seems a little excessive, but hey, I guess people get thirsty sometimes.

Let’s take a look at the after photo:

magic after

Nice! Not a trace of the stain remains: the owner (as well as the chocolate milk drinker, if they weren’t the same person) must have been very relieved!

Great job, Magic Carpet Pride, and thanks for sharing!

If you have before and after photos of your own, send them to us at along with your story for a chance to be featured in our blog and newsletter!

Facebook Image Sizes in 2014

With spring cleaning right around the corner, why not spruce up your Facebook page while the slow season comes to an end?

Here is an awesome guide we found detailing the different dimensions used by each section of your Facebook page:


Thanks to Louise Myers for creating and sharing this graphic!

(Note: these are current at the time this article is published, but it’s important to keep an eye on your page even if you aren’t very active on social media. Facebook is known to switch things up from time to time.)

Before & After Cleaning Photos of the Week

February 26, 2014 Leave a comment

Happy Wednesday, and welcome to another edition of our Before and After Series!

This week’s feature comes from KB Carpet Cleaning in Concord, California, and was shared on their Facebook page. KB was called in to clean up a massive stain left by a blueberry protein shake. Let’s take a look at the “Before” photo:


Eek: what a mess! Lucky for this homeowner, blueberries are no match for professional carpet cleaners.

Here’s the “After” photo:


Great job! Not a trace of the stain remains. Thanks for sharing, KB Carpet Cleaning, and keep up the good work!

If you have before and after photos of your own, send them to us at for a chance to be featured in our blog and newsletter!

The Round-Up: Removing Salt Residue from Carpets, Proper Vacuum Care, and More!

February 21, 2014 Leave a comment

snowHow to Get Salt Residue out of Carpets,” Cleaning and Rug Institute Blog.

When it snows heavily, sidewalks and streets are often cleared by pouring salt on them. What happens when all this salt gets tracked indoors on our shoes and boots? Click here to read more.

Taking Proper Care of Your Vacuums,” Corinne Zudonyi,

To guarantee a long lifespan for any piece of equipment, you need to take proper care of it. Vacuum cleaners are no different!  Click here to read the full article.

How to Change without Pain,” Cleanfax.

When you’re running a business, you’re guaranteed to encounter obstacles and adapting to sudden change can be painful. Click here to learn about managing transitions without all the fuss.

7 Business Lessons from the Sochi Olympics” Michael Fertik,

The winter Olympics in Sochi have been some of the most highly-scrutinized games ever. Click here to read about some lessons that can be learned from the mistakes made by the hosting city.

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