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Infographic: Critical Elements of a Homepage

Getting started on a new website design any time soon? You’ll definitely want to check out this infographic from HubSpot about the different elements that make up a successful homepage. For service industry professionals, having your phone number and contact information displayed prominently is a must!


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The Round-Up: Janitorial Emergency Plans, How to Deal with Difficult Customers, and More!

February 3, 2014 1 comment

serialWelcome to this week’s cleaning industry news round-up! The Round-Up is where we feature recent news and developments from around the web that relate to the service industry.

The Importance of a Janitorial Emergency Plan,” Mickey Crowe,

How should janitors prepare for an emergency such as a natural disaster or terrorist attack? Click here to read more!

Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur,” Ivan Turner, Mikey’s Board.

Being an entrepreneur once takes strong will and dedication; being a serial entrepreneur is for serious over-achievers.  Click here to read the full article.

How to Deal With Difficult Customers” Paul Schoemaker,

Every once in awhile you get a client who is so difficult to deal with, you feel like you’re on the losing end of the deal. Click here for some tips on how to avoid this situation!

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The Round-Up: Hard Surface Demos, Common Janitorial Injuries, and More!

January 23, 2014 Leave a comment

injuriesWelcome to the Round-Up, where we feature news and developments from around the web that pertain to the service industry!

The Art of Performing a Hard Surface Demo,” Bryan Thompson, Mikey’s Board.

Conducting a demo has long been considered one of the strongest selling tactics for cleaning services. How you demonstrate your work will make a big difference to the customer: click here to read more!

How Often Do You Adjust the Heat on Your Truckmount?” Online Poll.

Ever wonder if you’re using your equipment in the same fashion as your professional peers? Find out how your personal truckmount preferences stack up against the rest of the industry. Click here to take the poll!

The 6 Most Common Janitorial Injuries” Mickey Crowe,

Sore back? Stiff neck? Working in the cleaning industry can certainly take a toll on your body. Click here to learn about the most common janitorial injuries and how to prevent them.

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Predicting Marketing Trends in 2014

January 15, 2014 Leave a comment

If you’re going to be marketing your business in 2014, make sure you’re not using 2011 marketing practices! SEO, social media, and web marketing are constantly changing. Here is a great infographic from OfferPop about some likely marketing trends we’ll see in 2014:


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Want More Jobs in 2014?

The new year is here and people around the world are setting goals. Whether they want to be healthier, more fiscally responsible, to keep in touch with their friends and relatives, to pick up a guitar, or learn to paint, people are making New Years resolutions of all kinds.

As you start figuring out how you’re going to make this year awesome, don’t forget to make resolutions for your business!

FillMySchedule2014 is the year to focus on getting more repeat business and building a loyal base.

But how do you do that?

Of course it’s important to make a great impression, to be friendly, courteous, and punctual, and to provide a service that will impress your clients. People are naturally forgetful, though, and if you aren’t constantly reminding your customers that you exist, they’re going to forget you.

The solution is intelligent, heartfelt direct mail marketing. That’s what our FillMySchedule program is all about.

We have found that by simply sending personalized thank-you cards, “here to help” cards, and reminder cards, our users have been able to give their repeat business a massive boost.

Our FillMySchedule program is based on the idea that when you reach out to people without putting the “hard sell” on them, they will understand that you care about them as people, not just as a source for more dollars.

The cards that we send out for our users are intended to look like a wedding or birthday invitation, not marketing materials. They are tent-fold, heavy card stock cards that are stamped and addressed to the customer themselves, not “Current Resident.”

FillmySchedule starts with a simple thank you note, then follows up every three months with specially crafted messages to inform them of the additional services you can provide. Maybe their couches are covered in stains? Maybe their driveway needs pressure washing?

After awhile the FMS message shifts to focus on how long it has been since you visited your client and how much dirt and grime has accumulated since then.

When clients perceive that you care about them enough to address them personally and reach out as an individual, the response you’ll get is much higher than if you were to send postcard advertisements with no personalization.

Let’s make 2014 the year of repeat business. If you’re already using FillMySchedule, make sure you’re clicking that button in ServiceMonster! Cards that aren’t approved won’t land you any new jobs.

If you aren’t using FillMySchedule, consider making it a New Year’s Resolution for your business. With an average 800% return on investment, we doubt you’ll regret it.

To speak with our FMS specialist, give us a call at 888-901-3300 or send an email to!

Missing our Newsletter? Check your Gmail tabs!

December 23, 2013 2 comments

If you’re a Gmail user and you haven’t seen our newsletter in a few weeks, you might want to check out your new “tabs” to see if it’s been getting filtered! Gmail recently added a feature that is designed to make your inbox easier to manage by using different tabs to automatically organize your incoming mail into categories. There are some great resources out there on how to set up tabs and what they do.

However, this new organization can cause your newsletters to end up on the Promotions tab, rather than in the Primary mailbox. So, how do you get them to go straight to your inbox again?

Place email in Primary tab

There are a few different ways to make sure that emails from certain senders go to your Inbox as opposed to your Promotions or Updates tabs.

Drag and Drop

The easiest way to move an email in your inbox is to left-click and hold on the email to drag it from the Promotions tab over to the Primary tab.

Drag and drop email

Releasing the mouse drops the email into the newly selected tab. Once dropped, Gmail displays a yellow box asking if you want to make this change permanent. Click Yes to ensure that all messages with the same from address will appear in the Primary tab going forward.

Mark as permanent


Similar to the drag and drop option, you can right-click on the email in some browsers to bring up a list of options. Click the Move to tab option and select the tab you want to move the email to.

Move to tab

Selecting the tab moves the email and displays a yellow box asking if you want to make this change permanent. Click Yes to ensure that all messages with the same from address will appear in the Primary tab going forward.

Mark as permanent

So, there you have it! Follow these instructions and you should start seeing our weekly newsletter pop up in your Inbox again.

Want to learn more about Gmail tabs? Click here to read Google’s official help section on the subject.

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Get ready for winter driving!

December 4, 2013 Leave a comment

It’s time to start thinking about winterizing your vehicle and changing your driving habits if you live in a place with a risk of snow and black ice. Here is a helpful infographic from with tips for winter safety, whether you’re driving your company vehicle or your personal car.

winter driving infographic

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