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Before and After Photos of the Week

Ready for another round of Before & After photos? Of course you are!

This week, we’re featuring the great work of Clean Cut Carpet Cleaning in Australia, who were called in to take care of a hallway that had seen better days. Chris from Clean Cut wrote this on Facebook:

The Bat signal was shone in the dark skies over Melton today. Dropping everything and rushing to the scene of the crime I found this sad and abused young carpet. He had aspirations to be a good shag, but alas, this little carpet is destined to remain a rental quality sisal. That still doesn’t excuse the torture he’s been forced to endure though!


He wasn’t kidding! This poor carpet has definitely been abused. Let’s see how it looks after a visit from the “Batmobile.”


Holy hamburgers, Batman! Those stains sure took a beating!

Here’s what Chris had to say about the job, after the fact:

It was a close one but this young carpet will live to serve another tenant. I spoke to his young rug after the ordeal and she was just thankful that her mat was ok, and that their 3 little off cuts wouldn’t be without a father. She was quoted as saying “Thank you, Batman! When life walks all over you, it’s good to know that someone is there to save the day!”

Brilliant work, Chris, and thanks for sharing!

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