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Connections Trade Show: Mojave Supply’s Expandable Hose!

September 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Mojave Supply demonstrates their expandable carpet cleaning hose. Very cool!

ServiceMonster Mobile

January 30, 2011 Leave a comment

ServiceMonster Mobile has been out for over a year, yet we still have clients that don’t know about this great resource.

Check your schedule, map your job, and manage your clients while on the road. Designed for BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Tablet, ServiceMonster Mobile will run on any web-enabled smart device. To login to ServiceMonster Mobile just point your phone’s browser to;

Holiday Marketing: Don’t miss your opportunity to stay in touch

September 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Keeping your company name in front of your customers is the most important marketing strategy you can apply. And the holiday season is the perfect time to focus on this task. Here are three key reasons to send a holiday card.

Be there when they need you: Everyone gets busy during this time of year. Your customers may need carpet cleaning so keep your name in front of them.

Prepare for the slow season: One holiday card can go a long way. Unlike most direct mail, your card will be there throughout the holiday season and into the next year.

Give to give: The bar measuring quality customer service is so low, that in most cases, just being thoughtful can make a lasting impression.


Now, with the same professional quality as our reminder and thank you cards, you can have ServiceMonster automatically complete your holiday mailings.

Orders must be in no later than November 26th, 2008 to ensure timely delivery.

Introducing The ServiceMonster Show!

September 3, 2009 Leave a comment

Come listen for free to our new podcast. Principal Focus CEO Joseph Kowalski talks about a varity of carpet cleaning business and marketing topics. The first three epsiodes cover why we are offering this valuable information as a free show, as well as some marketing basics that every cleaner should know and a complete break down of our extremely successful 8 Step Marketing System.

You can listen to the ServiceMonster Show while sitting at your desk, or download them to your MP3 player and listen in your car or on the job.

We introduced the show last week to a small group of our customers. Here’s their feedback:

“Excellent idea and hope to have this on a regular basis, you guys are doing a phenomenal job…”
Larry Roy, Action Carpet Cleaning

“Very cool. Short and sweet…”
Mike Pailliotet, Connoisseur

“I think they are great!….”
Mike Graham, Bow River ChemDry

“Good info…” Tom Sherman, Professional Carpet Systems of Northeast Ohio

“I think it is a great way to connect to everyone…”
Jonathan Dick, Zoots

“I enjoyed your podcast. I’m looking forward to the next installment…”
Dax Gurr, Floorwise

“Yes, great…”
Jim Robinson, The Magic Wand

“GREAT JOB!!! I enjoyed listening to the podcasts.”
Alyson Mims, ServiceMaster by Mimsco

Carpet Cleaning Podcast 03: The 7-Step Client Retention System

August 27, 2009 2 comments

ServiceMonster CEO Joe Kowalski talks about the 7 Step system and how you can implement it, for free, on your own.

Client Retention in 8 Simple Steps

August 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Part 1: 8-Step Basics

After you leave your customer’s home, will they remember you in 6 months? How will they contact you when they need additional cleaning? There are many ways you can help ensure that your customers will call YOU next time, instead of your competition. After years of helping cleaning businesses just like yours, we have designed the most effective marketing solution our clients have ever seen. It’s proven, it works, and we call it 8-Step.

Prospecting is hard. It costs 8 times more to attract new customers than it does to keep your current ones. Successful businesses understand that their most profitable customers are their clients. If you’re not staying in front of your current clients, you’re missing out on some very real profits. Research shows that by increasing your retention rate (the number of customers that use your services again) by 5%, you can increase your profits by over 25%. ServiceMonster customers that are using the 8-Step system have an average retention rate of 65%

What is the 8-Step System?
It starts with the premise that you’re not just a cleaner, you’re a problem solver. No amount of marketing will cause a potential customer to call unless they feel like they have a problem. Since your clients trust you, the 8-step system ensures they will call you when your services are needed. Each step is designed to trigger a specific response from your clients during a targeted window of opportunity. The 8-Step system can reduce your marketing costs by as much as 63% when compared to a traditional newsletter. It also transforms your mailings into a ‘service’ that you are providing to your customer. Here are the steps in order along with their general theme.

The timing is based off of the last date of service.

  • Thank You Card: “Thank you, thank you, thank you. Tell a friend!”
  • 3 Month Education Card: “A list of our services, should you need them”
  • 6 Month Touch-up Card: “I’ll be your superhero”
  • 9 Month Reminder Card: “Just a Friendly reminder”
  • 12 Month Reminder Card: “Um, really need to do something here”
  • 15 Month Education Card: “A list of our services, should you need them”
  • 18 Month Reminder Card: “Yuck, that can’t be good.”
  • 24 Month Miss You Card: “You haven’t written or called. We miss you!”

How do I do it?
Use ServiceMonster to generate and track your marketing campaigns. With a few simple clicks, all of your personalized content is ready to go. Or, if you’re too busy to complete your marketing on your own, have us do it for you. We will personalize, print, stuff, stamp, seal, and mail your cards, automatically.

 What now?
Call us now for a free trial. ServiceMonster is the industry’s #1 software for carpet cleaners. It’s the only software that will track your clients and get your marketing done! Put ServiceMonster to work for you and never miss another opportunity to stay in touch.

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