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The Round-Up: Truckmount Repair, IICRC Global Resource Center, and More!

February 13, 2014 Leave a comment

truckmountGreetings, and welcome to this week’s Round-Up! The Round-Up is where we feature news and developments from around the web relating to the service industry.

The Fix: Truckmount Repair & Preservation,” Jeff Cross,

It’s a vital piece of equipment that virtually all carpet cleaners rely on. How well do you know your truckmount? Click here to read about some simple fixes you can use to prevent & repair common mechanical issues.

When and Where to Use Disinfectants,” Corinne Zudonyi,

Contrary to popular belief, antibiotic soap and disinfectants can be overused. In fact, industrial-strength disinfectants should only be employed in certain situations.  Click here to read the full article.

IICRC New Building Grand Opening,” Mikey’s Board.

Planning on going to an IICRC event in Las Vegas this year? You should: the IICRC has just opened a  brand new global resource center! Click here to watch a video of the grand opening.

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The Round-Up: Carpet Scrubbers 101, Why You Should Use CRM, and More!

Management5 Must-Have Management Skills,” Eric Barton, BBC.

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to be a more effective boss? Here is a list of 5 management techniques that every business owner should use: click here to read more!

Carpet Scrubbers 101,” Rick Gelinas, Mikey’s Board.

Thinking of buying some new equipment? Here is an overview of the leading carpet scrubbers and how to use them! Click here for the full article.

RIA Announces 2014 Keynote Speakers” CleanFax.

The Restoration Industry Association recently announced their selections for keynote speakers in 2014: click here to see the list!

10 Reasons to Use CRM” Mark Dancer,

Still keeping track of your customers in a binder or an Excel spreadsheet? CRM software will make your life much, much easier. Click here to read more!

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The Round-Up: How to Turn Brush-Offs into Opportunities, A Guide to Cleaning Oriental Rugs, What it Means to Have a “High Touch” Business, and the 8 Dirtiest Public Places to Avoid

Turn Brush-Offs Into OpportunitiesGreetings, and welcome to the Round-Up! The Round-Up is a feature where we collect some of the more interesting cleaning industry stories from around the web and present them to you in one convenient post.

Please enjoy, and let us know if you have any coverage suggestions.

How to Turn Brush-Offs into Opportunities,” Geoffrey James,

Just because a potential client isn’t interested now doesn’t mean they won’t be interested in the future. Learn how to spot an opportunity when a prospect brushes off your offer: read more here.

A Guide to Cleaning Oriental Rugs,” Randy Pierce, CleanFax.

Randy Pierce shares his wisdom on the complicated processes recommended for cleaning various types of decorative rugs. Read the full article here.

What it Means to Have a ‘High Touch’ Business,” Karl Stark and Bill Stewart,

How hands-on are you with your customers? Here is an article explaining why more interaction with your clients can boost your business. Read more here.

The 8 Germiest Public Places to Avoid,” AARP.

Germs are everywhere, but some places have quite a bit more than others. Here are the eight grossest things to avoid touching in public. Read the full article.

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Why is the migration scheduled for Thrusday!

Weekend posts are more risky due to the reduced load. In the event something “goes wrong” we may not know about it until Monday morning. Nobody wants a Monday morning debacle. If we have to roll-back the migration, we could lose the data entered over the weekend. Additionally, as horrific as 4.10 was, it was the first upgrade issue in our ten year history. I am confidant (although very cautious) that this will go smoothly. If ServiceMonster can run on Azure, it should be able to run on anything!

Please be assured we do not pick random times with little thought. Your data is always our primary concern. Availability comes a very close second.


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Printing Your Route Packets & Importing Your Schedule to iCal or Outlook

To print out your Route Packets, follow these instructions:

  1. Begin on the Scheduling tab, and select the Print button.
  2. Click on the Route Packet.
  3. The Route Packet Criteria will show.
  4. Many checkboxes are not pre-checked, but have very useful information to be included. The commercial and residential customers are separated.
  5. The Email Route Packet button outlined in blue will be grayed out unless the customer has an email address in the system.
  6. Press the Print Route Packet to generate a PDF that can be saved to the computer or printed out for the technicians.

To import your schedule into Outlook or iCal, follow these instructions:

  1. The first step is to Export the iCal from ServiceMonster’s Schedule window.
  2. Save the file so that you can easily find it (we suggest saving to the desktop).
  3. From your iCal or Outlook Options tab, click the Import/Export tab to open it.
  4. In the Import section’s Type field, select Calendar.
  5. In the File field, browse to locate the file to import.
  6. Click Import. In the Choose folder dialog, select the folder to import the calendar, either select one of your existing calendars or create a new calendar.
  7. Click OK. The calendar is imported into the account.
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