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Carpet Cleaning Podcast 09: Big. Bad. Brand.

September 28, 2011 2 comments

CEO Joe Kowalski talks about the importance of branding for building your business, explaining how strong branding is key to distinguishing you from the competition.

Carpet Cleaning Podcast 08: Are You Keeping Good Track of Your Business?

CEO Joe Kowalski covers the basics of tracking income with the cash accounting method vs. tracking income with the accrual accounting method, outlining some of the benefits and pitfalls of both methods.

Carpet Cleaning Podcast 07: You’re Paying More Taxes Than You Need To

August 11, 2011 2 comments

CEO Joe Kowalski talks about how to tracking your income in order to create big tax savings. Day 3 of a three-part crash course in beginning accounting for carpet cleaners. You can listen to Day 1, “How to Get Your Books in Order,” here, and Day 2: “How to Get Your Expenses Under Control,” here.

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