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Before and After Pics of the Week

January 31, 2014 1 comment

Welcome to this week’s round of Before and After photos!

This week’s submission comes from The Carpet Doctor in Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania, and features a carpet so badly soiled that the one “clean” spot looks like a white area rug!

It’s hard to imagine how long this carpet had been accumulating grime before The Carpet Doctor arrived, but it certainly looks like it could have been several years:



Yikes! Light carpeting really brightens up a room, until it gets totally soiled, that is. Let’s see how it looks after a little sprucing up:



Much better! Hopefully the homeowner decides to get their carpet cleaned more often now that they can see how great it looks in its original condition.

Thanks for sharing, Carpet Doctor, and great job!

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The Round-Up: Hard Surface Demos, Common Janitorial Injuries, and More!

January 23, 2014 Leave a comment

injuriesWelcome to the Round-Up, where we feature news and developments from around the web that pertain to the service industry!

The Art of Performing a Hard Surface Demo,” Bryan Thompson, Mikey’s Board.

Conducting a demo has long been considered one of the strongest selling tactics for cleaning services. How you demonstrate your work will make a big difference to the customer: click here to read more!

How Often Do You Adjust the Heat on Your Truckmount?” Online Poll.

Ever wonder if you’re using your equipment in the same fashion as your professional peers? Find out how your personal truckmount preferences stack up against the rest of the industry. Click here to take the poll!

The 6 Most Common Janitorial Injuries” Mickey Crowe,

Sore back? Stiff neck? Working in the cleaning industry can certainly take a toll on your body. Click here to learn about the most common janitorial injuries and how to prevent them.

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Before & After Cleaning Series

January 22, 2014 2 comments

Happy Wednesday, and welcome to another installment of our Before & After series!

This week, we’re mixing things up a bit by featuring a video instead of our traditional before and after photos. This video comes from Speedy Steamer in Sacramento, California, and features quite a few different carpets getting their stains removed.

Here’s the video:

Great job, guys, and kudos for taking to multiple social media platforms to show off your work!

If you have before and after photos, videos, or paintings, send them to us at for a chance to be featured in our blog and newsletter!

The Round-Up: Yelp Critics Must Be Identified, Carpet Cleaning Air Quality Study, and More!

January 16, 2014 1 comment

How To Sell

Welcome to the Round-Up, where we post recent news and developments related to the cleaning industry from around the web!

Yelp Critics Must Be Identified,” The Washington Times.

Ever had a negative review on Yelp that you suspected was written by a competitor or troll? Soon, you may be able to find out who that person really is. A court recently ruled that Yelp, the popular review platform, must reveal the identities of 7 people who left reviews of a carpet cleaning company: click here to read more!

Carpet Helps Indoor Air Quality,”

Sure, it makes sense that cleanliness would improve air quality in a home. However, carpet itself could also work to keep the air clear (better than hard surface flooring). A recent study has found that well-maintained carpeting can reduce allergens and keep the air in a home cleaner. Click here for the full article.

The Importance of Learning to Sell” Geoffrey James,

Whatever type of business you run, knowing how to communicate the value of your services to your potential customers is the key to growth. No matter what your career path is, Geoffrey James from believes that learning the art of sales will help you: click here to read why!

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Before and After Cleaning Pics of the Week

January 15, 2014 1 comment

Hello, and welcome to another round of our featured Before and After Pics series! This week’s feature comes from Shaun Billings in San Antonio, Texas, who owns Kolorkist Carpet Cleaning. Shaun submitted these photos he took from a color restoration project in a church lobby.

Here’s the “Before” photo:


Shaun wrote that this carpet had 7 bleach stains and required wall-to-wall tinting to bring back its luster. Let’s see how it looked after Kolorkist was done:


Nice! Now, let’s try putting them side by side:

shaunbefore After

Much better: Kolorkist did a great job bringing the color back to this lobby. Shaun said the project made for  “a very happy pastor,” and we can see why!

Awesome work, Shaun, and thanks for sharing!

If you have before and after photos of your own, please submit them to for a chance to be featured in our blog and newsletter!

Want More Jobs in 2014?

The new year is here and people around the world are setting goals. Whether they want to be healthier, more fiscally responsible, to keep in touch with their friends and relatives, to pick up a guitar, or learn to paint, people are making New Years resolutions of all kinds.

As you start figuring out how you’re going to make this year awesome, don’t forget to make resolutions for your business!

FillMySchedule2014 is the year to focus on getting more repeat business and building a loyal base.

But how do you do that?

Of course it’s important to make a great impression, to be friendly, courteous, and punctual, and to provide a service that will impress your clients. People are naturally forgetful, though, and if you aren’t constantly reminding your customers that you exist, they’re going to forget you.

The solution is intelligent, heartfelt direct mail marketing. That’s what our FillMySchedule program is all about.

We have found that by simply sending personalized thank-you cards, “here to help” cards, and reminder cards, our users have been able to give their repeat business a massive boost.

Our FillMySchedule program is based on the idea that when you reach out to people without putting the “hard sell” on them, they will understand that you care about them as people, not just as a source for more dollars.

The cards that we send out for our users are intended to look like a wedding or birthday invitation, not marketing materials. They are tent-fold, heavy card stock cards that are stamped and addressed to the customer themselves, not “Current Resident.”

FillmySchedule starts with a simple thank you note, then follows up every three months with specially crafted messages to inform them of the additional services you can provide. Maybe their couches are covered in stains? Maybe their driveway needs pressure washing?

After awhile the FMS message shifts to focus on how long it has been since you visited your client and how much dirt and grime has accumulated since then.

When clients perceive that you care about them enough to address them personally and reach out as an individual, the response you’ll get is much higher than if you were to send postcard advertisements with no personalization.

Let’s make 2014 the year of repeat business. If you’re already using FillMySchedule, make sure you’re clicking that button in ServiceMonster! Cards that aren’t approved won’t land you any new jobs.

If you aren’t using FillMySchedule, consider making it a New Year’s Resolution for your business. With an average 800% return on investment, we doubt you’ll regret it.

To speak with our FMS specialist, give us a call at 888-901-3300 or send an email to!

Before and After Cleaning Pics of the Week

Welcome to our first round of Before and After photos in 2014! This week’s feature comes from Fabulous Carpet Care in Memphis, Tennessee, and was shared on their Facebook page. We’re not sure exactly what caused these stains, but it looks like it was a pretty big spill (possibly a bucket of soap?). Either way, this room clearly needs some attention:


Nothing says “unprofessional” like an office with a completely soiled floor. Let’s see how this office looks after Fabulous Carpet Care put some work into it:


Much better! Fabulous work, and thanks for sharing!

The Round-Up: Rekindling the Entrepreneurial Spirit, Keeping Floors Clean for the Holidays, and More!

December 19, 2013 Leave a comment

KidPreneursGreetings, and welcome to the latest Round-Up! If you’re new around here, the Round-Up is where we feature recent news from around the web related to the cleaning industry. Now, let’s see what’s hot off the press:

Never Satisfied,” Jeff Cross,

Fatigue can get anyone down, especially around the holiday season. Feel the need to rekindle the entrepreneurial spark? Click here to read this article about getting back in the game!

Keeping Floors Clean for the Holidays,”

Jingle bells, and busy shoppers! The holiday rush brings a lot of foot traffic to retail outlets and shopping centers. Click here to read more!

The Experience Moves to the Mirage,” Mikey P, Mikey’s Board.

Ever attend The Experience (previously known as Connections)? Click here to learn about the event’s new venue, centrally located on the Vegas strip.

Toys That Will Turn Your Kid Into An Entrepreneur,”

Aunts, uncles, and grandparents often have a hard time knowing what to get for the wee ones. Looking for a gift that will inspire youngsters to learn and think creatively? Click here for a list of gift ideas that encourage creativity and organization!

The Round-Up: Carpet Filtration Soiling, Salvaging Old Upholstery, and More!

December 13, 2013 Leave a comment

Welcome to this week’s Round-Up! The Round-Up is our weekly column where we feature news and developments related to the cleaning industry. Enjoy!

markcubanCarpet Filtration Soiling,” Doyle Bloss,

Carpet filtration soiling is a phenomenon that professional cleaners encounter in both residential and commercial settings. Click here to learn more!

Salvaging Old Upholstery,” Jim Pemberton, Mikey’s Board.

Upholstery cleaning can be a bit of a gamble. With so many different types of furniture and cloth out there, it can make standardized pricing difficult. Click here to learn about the art of restoring aged and damaged upholstery!

Using Automatic Scrubbers” David Thompson,

In theory, automating a process that is traditionally completed by humans can save a business time and money. But do automatic scrubbers really get the job done, or is there no substitute for elbow grease? Click here to read an expert opinion on the subject!

12 Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice,” Max Nisen,

Ever wonder how the billionaires made it big? Click Here to hear the best advice 12 successful business people were given early in their careers, including Mark Cuban and other wealthy celebrity entrepreneurs!

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Looking for “Botched DIY Horror Stories” from Cleaners & Contractors

December 13, 2013 Leave a comment

diyServiceMonster subscribes to HARO, a publicity newsletter where reporters send out mass inquiries when looking for subject matter. Here is a request you might want to respond to!


I need three to five anecdotes from home services contractors about the DIY blunders they’ve seen/corrected. The focus for these anecdotes should be “classic” mistakes – the kind anyone can make and not realize how wrong it could go. The best stories will be retold in a short article to be published on Stories can be funny, cautionary, instructional or all of the above but due to space limitations, please keep them as short as possible.

To Submit Your Story, Send Via Email To:


I will need to use your name and the company you work for, or please note your DBA if you work for yourself. If you have a website, I will provide a link to it if you like. If you don’t want me to provide your location or company name to protect your clients, let me know. Please provide contact information for yourself in case I need to clarify something about your story.

Media Outlet:


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