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The Round-Up: Carpet Filtration Soiling, Salvaging Old Upholstery, and More!

Welcome to this week’s Round-Up! The Round-Up is our weekly column where we feature news and developments related to the cleaning industry. Enjoy!

markcubanCarpet Filtration Soiling,” Doyle Bloss, CleanFax.com

Carpet filtration soiling is a phenomenon that professional cleaners encounter in both residential and commercial settings. Click here to learn more!

Salvaging Old Upholstery,” Jim Pemberton, Mikey’s Board.

Upholstery cleaning can be a bit of a gamble. With so many different types of furniture and cloth out there, it can make standardized pricing difficult. Click here to learn about the art of restoring aged and damaged upholstery!

Using Automatic Scrubbers” David Thompson, CleanLink.com

In theory, automating a process that is traditionally completed by humans can save a business time and money. But do automatic scrubbers really get the job done, or is there no substitute for elbow grease? Click here to read an expert opinion on the subject!

12 Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice,” Max Nisen, Entrepreneur.com.

Ever wonder how the billionaires made it big? Click Here to hear the best advice 12 successful business people were given early in their careers, including Mark Cuban and other wealthy celebrity entrepreneurs!

Do you have ideas for coverage? Let us know at support@principalfocus.com!

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