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The Round-Up: Proper Wand Usage, All About Residue, and More!

ccleanerAll About Residue,” Doyle Bloss, Mikey’s Board

Residue is something that every carpet cleaner should know about. Chemical residues left after a cleaning can actually lead to the carpet re-soiling at a much faster rate, but there are some types of residue that can help a carpet stay cleaner longer. Click here to read the full article!

Proper Carpet Wand Usage” CleanLink.com

Not all truck mount wands are created equal! This article covers the basics of knowing which wand is right for your application. Click here to read about which wands to use in different situations and how to take advantage of their features.

Adjusting Heat on your Truck Mount,” CleanFax.com

What heat setting do you use with your truck mount cleaner? Click here to answer the latest carpet cleaning poll from CleanFax. Share your experience and see what others say!

How to Hire Awesome Employees” Peter Economy, Inc.com.

Having rock-star employees is always a plus, but how do you identify a rock-star in an interview? Also, an employee’s performance can directly correspond to the workplace practices and atmosphere that you establish at your business. Click here for tips on hiring the best employees!

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