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The Round-Up: Getting Into Granite, Earning Your Employees’ Trust, and More!

granitecounterGearing Up For Granite,” Bill Griffin, CleanFax.com.

Most carpet cleaners eventually wind up diversifying their cleaning service portfolio. There are many obvious cross-over cleaning services that make sense: tile and grout, upholstery cleaning, pressure washing, and rug cleaning. One that is not so obvious is granite floors and counters. Click here to read the full article!

How to Build Employees’ Trust” Geoffrey James, Inc.com.

Being a good boss can be tough. Where do you draw the line between authority and approachability? Click here to read about some ways to maintain the balance of power while keeping your employees happy.

Using Hospital-Grade Disinfectants,” Corinne Zudonyi, CleanLink.com

As a professional cleaner, you are probably familiar with a large array of different cleaning chemicals. Some disinfectants are stronger than others: here is an explanation of when (and how) to use hospital-grade disinfectants! Click here to read more.

Thinking Abstract to Help With Negotiations” Art Markman, Entrepreneur.com.

Negotiating is a big part of doing business, and messing it up can lead to you missing out on opportunities or selling yourself short. Here’s an article explaining how thinking abstractly can help you be a better negotiator. Click here for the full article!

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