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The Round-Up: Getting Into Rug Repair, Trauma Site Cleanup, and More!

rugrepairWelcome to The Round-Up, where we feature recent news from around the web related to the cleaning industry!

Expanding into Rug Repair,” Mikey P, Mikey’s Board.

Most carpet cleaners eventually wind up diversifying their services. Whether it’s tile and grout cleaning, upholstery, stone floor polishing, or pressure-washing, it’s always a good idea to have multiple revenue streams! Here’s an article about getting into the rug repair game: click here to read!

Tips for Good Leadership” Mickey Crowe, CleanLink.com

What does it take to be a good supervisor? Is it better to rule with an iron fist, or to run your company as a benevolent dictator? You might be surprised by some of these tips for walking the line between authority and approachability. Click here to read more.

Trauma Scene Clean-Up,” Richard Driscoll, CleanFax.com.

Sometimes a cleaning job can be about more than spilled wine or dirty carpets. Dealing with unattended deaths and trauma site clean-up requires a strong psychology and a lot of empathy. Click here to read about what it’s like to clean some of the most unsettling messes: after all, someone has to do it!

Three Ways to Improve Your Website” Curt Hanke, Inc.com.

Whether you’re an avid online marketer or just getting started, it’s important to know what your online visitors expect from a professional organization. Click here to read more!

Do you have ideas for coverage? Let us know at support@principalfocus.com!

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