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The Cleaning Industry News Round-up

Welcome to the Round-up, where we feature recent news affecting the cleaning industry from around the web!

Cashing OutCashing Out: Selling Your Cleaning Business,” Steve Toburen, JonDon.

So you built a successful business and are thinking about retirement: now what? Instead of hiring someone to manage your business for you, which can be risky, it might be worth “cashing out” to an investor who sees potential in the company you built. But how do you go about selling your company? Click here to read more.

What To Do When Chemicals Freeze?” Mikey P, Mikey’s Board.

Winter is just around the corner and depending on where you live, you might have to start thinking about storing your supplies somewhere other than the back of your truck. While some chemicals can handle being frozen, some can’t. Click here to learn more!

Webcast: Keys To Proper Carpet Cleaning,” CleanLink.com

Are you an industry veteran who has tried all of the methods and figured out exactly what works and what doesn’t? Sign up for the CleanLink webcast for carpet cleaners! Contribute to the discussion or sit back and listen: Click here to register!

How To Find ‘Influencers’ On Social Media” Mark Trueman, Entrepreneur.com.

Everyone is talking about “going social” these days, and there are countless strategies out there for building your online audience. While having a lot of fans can be beneficial, the best social media followers are the ones who have large followings themselves. Click here to learn how to attract them!

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