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Before and After Cleaning Pics of the Week

Welcome to another installment of our Before & After cleaning pictures series! This week’s features come from Professional Carpet Systems in Shreve, Ohio, and were shared on their Facebook page.

We are constantly reminding ServiceMonster users that sharing your before & after photos on social media is a great way to demonstrate your expertise while reaching out to your followers. By showing your customer base the dramatic results that can be achieved by cleaning a carpet that doesn’t necessarily have any prominent stains, you’ll also get them thinking about how much dirt is really in their own carpets and possibly drum up some business for yourself.

Professional Carpet Systems has done a great job with marketing their services by uploading “during” photos, showing the newly-cleaned carpet right alongside the dirty carpet for comparison. Here are some of our favorite pictures from their page:

pcs-1 pcs-2 pcs-3 pcs-4

Great job, guys, and keep up the good work!

If you have before & after (or “during”) photos of your own cleaning projects, send them to us at support@principalfocus.com for a chance to be featured in our newsletter and blog!

  1. October 25, 2013 at 2:23 pm

    As much as I love the warmth and cozy feel carpets bring about in the house, I dread staining them each time there is a party at home.

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