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The Round-Up: Resoiling Facts, How to Build a Brand, and more!

The Round-UpThe Chemistry of Resoiling,” Jim Smith, CleanFax.com

Everyone knows that if you leave a carpet wet or with excess residue on it, it will get dirty again very quickly. However, sometimes a carpet will mysteriously regain dirt very quickly after being cleaned even though neither of these mistakes were made. Click here for a run-down on the chemistry behind this issue!

The Beginning of Brand-Building,” Ivan Turner, Mikey’s Board.

When you start out with a new business, it’s always a good idea to think long and hard about your persona, identity, and who you want to serve. What are the most crucial factors for building a strong brand? Ivan Turner discusses some key points: Click here to read more.

School Plagued by Bed Bugs,” CleanLink.com

Don’t let the bed bugs bite! Plenty of people have had to deal with bed bugs, but usually they are confined to one space and can be dealt with accordingly. But what happens when an entire school is infected with these pests? Click here to find out!

The Real Cost of Hiring the Wrong Employee” John Brandon, Inc.com.

Whatever type of business you run, it’s important to make sure you get the right people working for you. What many people don’t realize is that the hiring process can be filled with big risks. Click here to read about what’s really at stake!

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