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Before & After Cleaning Photos of the Week

Happy Wednesday, and welcome to another edition of our Before & After Cleaning Series, where we feature the work of cleaners from around the world!

This week’s feature comes from Aqua Steam Services, Inc. in Lethbridge, Alberta, and was shared via their Facebook page. They are an IICRC-certified carpet and upholstery cleaning company who have been around for over 30 years.

Recently, Aqua Steam was tasked with cleaning a microfiber-upholstered chair that looked like it had been left in a dusty garage for a few decades.

Here is the “before” photo:


What a shame! It’s hard to tell if that is dirt or mold from this photo, but once Aqua Steam got to work, it became clear that the chair was, after all, salvageable. Here is the “during” photo:


Nice! Now, let’s see the final results:


Just like new! If Aqua Steam hadn’t included the “during” photo as proof, it would be hard to believe this was even the same chair.

Keep up the great work, guys!

If you have before & after photos of your own projects, send them to us at support@principalfocus.com for a chance to be featured in our blog and newsletter!

  1. August 8, 2013 at 1:35 am

    Wow what an amazing job!! what pre spray did you use to clean this microfiber couch?

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