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The Round-Up: Dealing with Customer Complaints, How to Clean Old Fabric, and More!

Welcome to this week’s Round-Up! The Round-Up is where we feature recent news from around the web related to the cleaning industry. 

Superhero Window WashersDealing with Customer Complaints,” Dave Kerpen, Inc.com

Some customers are more polite than others when it comes to reporting an issue or problem they have encountered. Here is a guide for training your employees on how to deal with customer complaints: Click here to read the full article.

Using Memes For Your Business,” Adam Toren, YoungEntrepreneur.com.

The internet is flooded with goofy images of cats, dogs, and people behaving foolishly. However, just because something is goofy doesn’t mean that it’s useless! Learn about using humorous “memes” as a promotional tool: Click here.

How to Clean Antique Fabrics,” Mikey P., Mikey’s Board.

Here is a useful article for anyone who cleans upholstery: a professional’s guide to cleaning very old fabrics. Click here to read more.

Window Washers Dress as Superheroes at Children’s Hospital,” Karl Robinson, Robinson-Solutions Blog.

A real life feel-good story: Click here to see window washers surprising kids by dressing as their favorite superheroes while cleaning the windows of a children’s hospital.

Do you have ideas for coverage? Let us know at support@principalfocus.com!

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