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The Round-Up: The Carpet Reversal Mystery, Evolution of Green Cleaning, and More

Satisfaction GuaranteedWelcome to the Round-Up, where we publish recent news from around the web that is related to the cleaning and service industry!

The Carpet Reversal Mystery,” CleanFax Blog.

Cleaners have heard of it, but unfortunately homeowners usually haven’t. Thus, the mystery of “carpet reversal” can be a problem for carpet cleaners and their clients: Click here to read the full article.

The Evolution of Green Carpet Cleaning,” Stephen Ashkin, Cleanlink.com

“Going green” has become more and more of a trend in many different industries. In the service industry, environmentally-conscious cleaning has grown significantly over the past few years. Click here to read about the history of this practice.

Policing Productivity,” Stephanie Vozza, Entrepreneur.com

Do you ever get overwhelmed when you write out your to-do list? Here is an article with some tips for managing and improving your own productivity. Click here to read more.

The Power of a Solid Guarantee,” Rick Gelinas, Mikey’s Board.

Do you guarantee customer satisfaction? Doing so might seem risky, but it could attract more customers by giving your business a more trustworthy personality in the minds of your customers: Click here for the full article.

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