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Before & After Cleaning Pics of the Week

Welcome to another round of ServiceMonster’s ongoing Before & After series!

This week’s submission comes from DryTech Cleaning Services in Sussex, UK. DryTech is a full-service cleaner specializing in crime scene and accidental / undiscovered death cleanup.

Needless to say, many of the jobs pictured on DryTech’s Facebook page feature unimaginably filthy apartments and flats. Our featured before & after example for this week relates to a part of the kitchen that can often be one of the hardest places to clean: the stove top.

Here is the “before” photo:


Yuck! Who in their right mind would want to eat something that was cooked on a stove like this?
Let’s find out if DryTech was able to get this stove top back to normal… Here is the “after” photo:
After Photo
Pretty amazing! Who’s ready for dinner?
Great work and thanks for sharing, DryTech!

If you’re interested in submitting photos to “Before & After: Cleaning Pics of the Week,” please email them to support@principalfocus.com. (And if you have any interesting cleaning stories about these jobs to go with the photos, send them too.) Thanks!

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