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Before and After Cleaning Pics of the Week

Happy Wednesday and welcome to another round of ServiceMonster’s ongoing Before & After series! This week’s submission comes from Connoisseur Cleaning in Santa Cruz, CA.

Mike from Connoisseur Cleaning was called to restore a limestone bathroom floor that had received improper treatment from the homeowner.

Mike wrote: “unfortunately, the homeowner tried to remove some water deposits build up with an Acidic cleaning solution. Acidic liquids should be kept far away from any calcium based stone (Limestone, Marble, Travertine) as it naturally dissolves the stone and leaves a flat, dull appearance.”

Here is the “before” picture:
Stone Floor Restoration

Yikes: this is why people should call a professional before taking it upon themselves to clean unique surfaces.

Was Mike able to restore the natural shine of this limestone floor? Let’s find out:

Floor Restoration After

Great job: that floor looks much better!

Mike was generous enough to share some details about how he achieved these results: “with a 4 step polishing/sealing process we were able to remove the damaged areas and restore the level of shine to match the area under the sink cabinet.

Thanks for sharing!


If you’re interested in submitting photos to “Before & After: Cleaning Pics of the Week,” please email them to support@principalfocus.com. (And if you have any interesting cleaning stories about these jobs to go with the photos, send them too.) Thanks!

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