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FillMySchedule Success Story: An Interview with Shen Schulz of Environmental Carpet Care

Every once in awhile we like to feature a customer of ours who has had success using ServiceMonster to its fullest extent.

Environmental Carpet Cleaning in MalibuShen Schulz of Environmental Carpet Care in Malibu, CA has only been using ServiceMonster for a year and he already has one of the highest Return-On-Investment scores among FillMySchedule users.

FillMySchedule is a direct-mail marketing service that turns one-time clients into lifetime clients, which you can manage via your ServiceMonster account. Mr. Schulz was kind enough to share some answers to a few questions about his business and marketing techniques that helped him achieve success. Read the interview below:

1) When was Environmental Carpet Care founded, and what was the “spark” that inspired you to create the business?

I began my carpet cleaning business in 1993 when I was 22 years old and it is still going strong today, 21 years later.  Before then I had an auto detail business and was inspired by the money that could be made cleaning carpets instead of waxing cars.  The other reason for getting into cleaning, especially with the high temperature truck-mounted cleaning systems, was interior air quality.  My focus has always been on improving a home for a friend or client.  Carpet is really gross when it is dirty and people don’t often see that because it hides the dirt.  I feel satisfaction knowing I can get all that stuff out, people breathe and feel better.

2) When did you start using ServiceMonster?

I started using ServiceMonster last year and I think it is the best thing that has ever happened to my business.  The FillMySchedule program is amazing, it takes all the heavy lifting out of keeping in touch with my clients so I can focus on getting new ones.

3) What is your favorite aspect of ServiceMonster, and why?

See # 2 above.

4) How important is networking to your overall business strategy, and how do you build professional contacts?

Grass roots, street smarts, it’s simple – I’ll walk into any office building, especially the smaller ones where there may not be a janitorial company already cleaning the carpets, and offer to clean their lobby for free, leave some spot remover, business cards and magnets, and follow up until they give me the account. Placing them on ServiceMonster helps too because they keep getting the cards we send.  Otherwise, word of mouth is the best and so is big visible lettering on the vans. Print ads don’t work for me as much and are too expensive.

5) In your experience, what marketing practices have been the most effective (direct mail, email, signs & stationary, websites, etc)?

Direct mail, hands down.

6) If you could give one piece of advice to an entrepreneur starting a carpet cleaning business, what would it be?

Focus, focus, focus.  Be generous, give away a free room of cleaning just to get in the door, once they see the results you will get the job.  Once you get the job, pass out 10 door hangers to 10 neighbors in the neighborhood where you are cleaning on every job.  Ask your clients to refer you.

Thank you again to Mr. Schulz for sharing your insights and experience!

If you have any questions or would like to sign up for FillMySchedule, you may contact us via email at:


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