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Before & After Cleaning Pics of the Week

Welcome to another round of ServiceMonster’s ongoing Before & After series! This week’s submission comes from Rob Decker at Maxcare Carpet Cleaning and Restoration in Columbia, Missouri.

Rob’s submission fits in with the theme of our last few features: pets. Pets can be cute, cuddly, and they can even be a man’s best friend, but every carpet cleaner and restoration expert knows pets can also be destructive.

Here is a section of carpet Rob was called to repair which was completely destroyed by an over-eager puppy:

Carpet destroyed by dog

Bad dog!

Now, let’s see Maxcare work their magic. Step 1: remove the destroyed piece of carpet.

Tattered carpet removed

Step 2: it looks like there was some damage to the cushioning beneath the carpet. Time to fill in that spot!

Cushion replaced

Step 3: replace the missing section of carpet and give the whole area a good cleaning!

Finished carpet repair

Right on! Now, it’s probably time to send a certain dog to obedience school.

Awesome work, Rob, and thanks for sharing!

  1. May 16, 2013 at 8:29 pm

    Nice work here. As far as sending the dog to obedience school , better idea is to send the owner to how to treat your pet school:)

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