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Before & After Cleaning Pics Of The Week

Happy Wednesday, and welcome to another round of ServiceMonster’s ongoing Before & After series! Once again, this week our feature is video-based and comes from Omar Kharbat of Sano Steam Carpet Cleaning in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Anyone who has ever pressure-washed dirty pavement with a traditional nozzle knows how time-consuming it can be. Luckily, Omar has found a way to get much faster results! Using a John Deere 3000 psi Pressure Washer and a 15-inch EZ Clean rotary nozzle, pressure-washing pavement looks almost as easy as vacuuming.

In the video below, Omar demonstrates how his surface-cleaning gear handles a typical driveway:

Amazing! Not only does this nozzle evenly distribute the pressure over a wider area, it also contains the spray so you can see the results immediately. Also, this process requires no prep other than tap water.

Thanks for sharing, Omar!

If you’re interested in submitting photos to “Before & After: Cleaning Pics of the Week,” please email them to support@principalfocus.com. (And if you have any interesting cleaning stories about these jobs to go with the photos, send them too.) Thanks! 

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