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Printing Your Route Packets & Importing Your Schedule to iCal or Outlook

To print out your Route Packets, follow these instructions:

  1. Begin on the Scheduling tab, and select the Print button.
  2. Click on the Route Packet.
  3. The Route Packet Criteria will show.
  4. Many checkboxes are not pre-checked, but have very useful information to be included. The commercial and residential customers are separated.
  5. The Email Route Packet button outlined in blue will be grayed out unless the customer has an email address in the system.
  6. Press the Print Route Packet to generate a PDF that can be saved to the computer or printed out for the technicians.

To import your schedule into Outlook or iCal, follow these instructions:

  1. The first step is to Export the iCal from ServiceMonster’s Schedule window.
  2. Save the file so that you can easily find it (we suggest saving to the desktop).
  3. From your iCal or Outlook Options tab, click the Import/Export tab to open it.
  4. In the Import section’s Type field, select Calendar.
  5. In the File field, browse to locate the file to import.
  6. Click Import. In the Choose folder dialog, select the folder to import the calendar, either select one of your existing calendars or create a new calendar.
  7. Click OK. The calendar is imported into the account.
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