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Move to Amazon Scheduled for Thursday Night: 9:00 AM PST

We are making our move from Microsoft Azure to Amazon. The move will take place from 9pm on Thursday to 4am on Friday, PST.

ServiceMonster will be inaccessible while the move is taking place, but we will be up and running by Friday morning. Our customers should see no change in service, but you may need to reconfigure your browser’s security settings on Friday.

For instructions on how to do this, click here.

Note: Some users may notice a change in ServiceMonster’s URL.

Eventually, https://app.servicemonster.net and https://west-app.servicemonster.net will both point to the west coast Amazon data center. For some users, there will be a few days where https://app.servicemonster.net will still point to Azure. These users will be redirected to https://west-app.servicemonster.net.

The security settings can be applied in two ways.  If your trusted zone is https://app.servicemonster.net, you will need to reapply your security settings for the domain https://west-app.servicemonster.net. If your trusted zone is set to *.servicemonster.net, your security settings should be good to go.

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