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How to Add ServiceMonster to Trusted Sites & Compatibility View

When some users upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 or download windows updates their internet settings change. Correcting these changes is easy and only takes a minute. First we will need to add servicemonster.net as a trusted site, then we need to turn on compatibility view mode.


1)     Click Internet Options from the Internet Explorer Tools menu (Top of IE browser)


2)     Click the Security Tab on the Internet Options popup window (#1 in screen shot below)

3)     Click on Trusted Sites  (Green check mark) (#2 in screen shot below)


4)     Click on the Sites button to bring up the Trusted Sites security settings. (#3 in screen shot below)

5)     Verify the addresses in the Web sites list matches the address in the screen shot below. Be sure to click ADD!



 You can turn on Compatibility View in Internet Explorer 8.0 to make it display websites the way Internet Explorer 7.0 does.

1)      Click the Tools menu (Alt+T)

2)      Choose Compatibility View Settings from the menu to bring up the settings dialog

3)      Add ServiceMonster to the Compatibility View List  (see below)

4)      Click the Close button and restart Internet Explorer 8.0

5)      Login to ServiceMonster (Screens should be fine now)


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