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Introducing . . . New FMS Cards!

Residential Cards:





Commercial Cards:


New Seasonal Card:

ServiceMonster’s FillMySchedule program makes marketing a breeze! And now we’ve come out with updated card designs, so that you can market to your carpet cleaning customers even more effectively.

The ‘Thank You’ card goes with the Thank You campaign; ‘Here to Help’ is for the 3 and 6-month reminders; ‘Friendly Reminder’ is for the 9, 12, and 15-month reminders; and ‘We Miss You’ is for the 18 and 24-month reminders. We’ve also created ‘Thank You’ and ‘Here to Help’ cards for you to send to your commercial customers.

In addition to this new set of residential and commercial designs, we’re excited to introduce our new “Spring Cleaning” card, a limited-edition seasonal card intended to inspire your customers to call you for a home-refreshing deep clean. Spring cleaning cards will be available from April 1 through mid-May.

All of these cards will be delivered in the same way that wedding invitations or birth announcements would be–no bulk mailing. We’ll send them in envelopes addressed directly to your customers, with your return address listed and a first-class stamp.

Our cards are delivered directly through the U.S. Mail. If any of your cards are returned for some reason, they will be sent back to you so that you can update your records.

FMS Average ROI Rates

1 Week – Thank You Card
Average ROI: 350%

3 Month – Here to Help
Average ROI: 1000%

6 Month – Here to Help
Average ROI: 650%

9 Month – Just a Friendly Reminder
Average ROI: 1200%

12 Month – Reminder: Um, really need to do something here
Average ROI: 1400%

15 Month – Service List Revisited
Average ROI: 900%

18 Month – Gross!
Average ROI: 500%

24 Month – Last Pitch: We Miss You
Average ROI: 400%

To order your FMS cards today, please contact us at support@principalfocus.com or (888) 901 – 3300. Thanks!

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