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Holiday Cards: Marketing That Works

It can be hard to know whether your marketing efforts are paying off. Print advertising, Facebook campaigns and radio ads may help make more prospects aware of your brand, but do they help you book more jobs? Even the experts have a difficult time coming up with honest numbers on this issue.

That’s what makes direct mail so great. When you do a direct mail campaign, you know exactly how many customers it reaches, since (by necessity) you already have a list of their names. To calculate your return on investment (ROI), all you have to do is note which of these customers call later to book jobs. Divide the profit from these bookings by the amount you spent on your direct mail campaign, then multiply that by 100. That will give you your ROI percentage.

For instance, if you spent $100, and later earned $500 in bookings, your ROI would be 500%. In other words, for every dollar you spent, you earned five more.

Would you believe that the ROI on ServiceMonster’s holiday cards averages 600-800%? It’s true! That’s why we recommend that, this holiday season, you send out holiday cards to your regular customers. Not only do these cards cement your relationship with your customers as their go-to cleaner, they also have a high, demonstrable value to your business.

We can customize, print, stuff and mail your holiday cards for you–all you need to do is pick which one of our four designs you want to use. If you order your cards from ServiceMonster before or on Oct. 12, they’ll cost just $0.81 each (plus postage).

After Oct. 12, the price for our cards goes up to $0.91 each (plus postage). So don’t put this off–order your cards today. Remember, holiday cards help you to keep your customers–year in and year out.

Happy Holidays
Season's Greetings!
Season's Greetings!
Merry Christmas!

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