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ServiceMonster Update: 4.10

Dear Clients,

Last week, we launched a new version of ServiceMonster, SM 4.10. We also started using new servers. While these changes were intended to improve your ServiceMonster experience–and in the long term, they will–they created a number of temporary technical issues that we are still working to resolve.

We sincerely apologize for any problems you may have experienced. We had no idea that these updates would cause disruptions in your service, and we very much regret inconveniencing our customers.

We’ve been doing regular updates in order to eliminate the functionality issues caused by these changes. Some problems have been resolved; others are still ongoing. Some of you may be experiencing more of these than others.

We wanted to let you know that the old ServiceMonster URLs are now back in service. So, to access ServiceMonster’s desktop version, you can switch over from using http://c19092-113472.cloudapp.net/servicemonster/ back to https://app.servicemonster.net/. To access ServiceMonster’s mobile version, use http://mobile.servicemonster.net/ instead of http://c19092-113472.cloudapp.net/mobile/login.aspx.

Known Issues:

1. ServiceMonster is working slowly:

a.) If ServiceMonster is working slowly for you, it may help for you to switch back to using the old ServiceMonster URLs, as explained above.

2. You may be unsure of how to use ServiceMonster 4.10:

a.) If you’re confused about how to use ServiceMonster 4.10, watch this short training video. It explains ServiceMonster 4.10’s new scheduling features: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5bdM_cZMYc.
Last week, some of our users were experiencing:

• Problems with searching on the left-hand navigator;

• Problems with their scheduling settings;

• Problems with their marketing campaigns;

• Problems with FMS runs;

• Web connector issues;

• Errors with job notifications;

• General navigation problems.

We’re happy to say that we’ve been able to get rid of these issues. Now we’re focusing on general performance optimization, as well as working with specific users to resolve any stray glitches.

Again, we’re very sorry for putting you out like this. Our Customer Support department is working overtime to reply to your calls and emails. We’ve received a huge amount of feedback over the last week and a half, so while we may be unable to respond immediately, please be assured that we answering your questions as quickly as we can.

Thank you for your patience.

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