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The IICRC is Revising Their Standards!

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On May 8, the IICRC announced via press release that they will be revising their standards on stone maintenance and upholstery cleaning.

Specifically, the IICRC is redeveloping their S210 standard on dimensional stone maintenance and restoration, as well as their S300 standard on professional upholstery cleaning. Their goal is to make current standards more up to date.

To this end, the IICRC has begun forming consensus committees to examine the standards. They are currently accepting applications for these committees from qualified industry members.

“As new materials and processes are introduced into our industry, we remain committed to ensuring the IICRC’s standards provide credible, up-to-date information,” said Mili Washington, IICRC standards director. “Through the development of the S210 standard, we are upholding our promise to the industry to establish an international standard of care and provide our registrants with a knowledgeable industry voice and resource.”

The committees would meet twice yearly, communicating between meetings via online and teleconference methods. If you’re interested in volunteering for one of these committees, please contact Mili Washington at mili@iicrc.org.

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