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ServiceMonster’s 2011 Holiday & Christmas Cards

This year, ServiceMonster is proud to once again offer customizable holiday and Christmas greeting cards for carpet cleaners. Just choose one of our four designs, let us know what you want the text inside to say, and we’ll do the rest!

ServiceMonster‘s hands-off, fully automated marketing feature, FillMySchedule, allows cleaning professionals to complete direct mail marketing campaigns with a mere push of a button. Once you approve the customer lists that the ServiceMonster program generates for your business, we will produce, print, stuff, stamp, seal and mail your cards for you. It’s really that easy.

Maybe you’re not sure that sending holiday cards is worth the cost. Well, it depends on how important customer retention is to you. ICS Cleaning Specialist and Cleanfax Magazine have both written about the importance of using holiday cards to keep your clientele yours.

A loyal customer base will ensure the stability and profitability of your business, even during slow season. By spending less than a dollar per customer, you can guarantee their continued business for the rest of the year.

Orders placed before November 25 will cost only $0.81 per card (plus postage.) After November 25, the price goes up to $0.91 per card (plus postage.) Why not get the jump on your competition and order your holiday cards today?

How to Get Started:

1. Pick a card.

2. Decide what you’d like it to say. You can write your own content or use one of our pre-written greetings. If writing your own greeting, make sure that it does not exceed 3.5″ x. 5.5″.

3. Call us and let us know which types of customers you’d like to send cards to. For instance, you may want to send cards only to your residential customers from the last 24 months, or you may wish send cards to every customer in your database. Just let us know, and we’ll customize the cards with your customers’ names as well as your business’ name, logo and contact information.

4. That’s it! Now you can relax and enjoy the holiday season, knowing that your marketing is done.

Holiday Card Ordering Schedule:

11/25/2011: Orders placed on or before November 25th are $0.81 +postage (standard rate).

12/01/2011: Unless otherwise requested, orders will be shipped Thursday, December 1 and Friday December 2.

Late Orders: Orders placed after November 25th will be $0.91 +postage, may have a limited selection, and will be shipped as our schedule allows.


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