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Would You Like to Get Free ServiceMonster Service?

ServiceMonster will ensure that you never forget to collect a payment.Have you always wanted to try ServiceMonster, but not wanted to spend the money up front to do so? Maybe you’re not even sure what ServiceMonster is, or whether it could work for you.

Well, ServiceMonster is designed for you, the service professional. Our billing features ensure that you never forget to pursue an estimate or collect a payment. Our scheduling tools allow you to print route packets, manage multiple trucks from a single screen, and schedule carpet cleaning jobs in targeted areas to cut down on drive time. Our recordkeeping tools track both service and payment histories and help you to keep all of your customers and prospects in order, and our marketing tools empower you to create targeted call lists, personalized letters, professional labels, and effective emails.

Best of all, not only is ServiceMonster easy to use, but we also provide free customer training and support.

We want to make sure that cleaning professionals have access the tools they need to organize and expand their businesses. We also want to show our current subscribers that we appreciate that they refer their friends and colleagues to ServiceMonster regularly. That’s why we created the Referral Rewards Program.

How does it work?  We’ve given ServiceMonster subscribers the ability to invite their friends and colleagues to try ServiceMonster for one month, free of charge. This is not a free trial. The Referral Rewards Program gives invitees complete access to the full ServiceMonster program.

The Referral Rewards Program also allows our subscribers to make unlimited referrals. Subscribers receive a month of free service for each and every one of their invitees who completes their first 30 days and signs up with ServiceMonster.

If you’re a subscriber and you’d like to start referring your friends to ServiceMonster, simply login to ServiceMonster and click the green “Get Free Service” link at the top right corner of your screen.

If you’re a cleaning professional who would like to try ServiceMonster today, why not ask a ServiceMonster subscriber for an invitation? You literally have nothing to lose!
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