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The Executive’s Guide to Carpet Cleaning

All too often, we hear from owner-operators that work all the time but never see that hard work reflected on their bottom line. Or companies who offer great services but don’t know how to market them. We wanted to help, so we decided to introduce a new tool–one that we’re making available to carpet-cleaners everywhere, for free. We’re calling it “The Executive’s Guide to Carpet Cleaning,” or the ServiceMonster Journal. It’s a collection of how-to articles that you can get at your distributor’s or through us, and they’re going to address topics that we know are vital to your business, because we talk to you about them every day.

We’re freely distributing this information on every channel we have available–from podcasts to our blog here to our FaceBook page to emails that we’ll be sending out directly to you. We want to make sure you get the information you need to grow your business, so we’re putting it in every form we can think of!

For our first installment, we’re talking about the “f” word–finances! Our CEO, Joe Kowalski, has put together some notes on personal and business accounting, called “Stealing from the Business.” You can listen to Joe talking about “Stealing from the Business” on the ServiceMonster podcast or view the full text article.

Text Article: Stealing from the Business

PodCast: 04 The ServiceMonster Show

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