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Do it Right: Providing Great Customer Service

How many times have you called a company, as a customer, and ended the call more frustrated then when you picked up the phone? In today’s highly technical, fast paced environment, there seems to be one key element missing; the human touch. It’s unfortunate that poor customer service has become the norm. There is a silver lining. If you genuinely care about the person behind the customer, it’s easy to set yourself apart. Here is how.

ACCESSIBILITY: The first and most important rule in providing great customer service is simple. Be accessible. Unfortunately this is one that many companies overlook. Pick up the darn phone! It’s amazing how many carpet cleaning companies miss calls during normal business hours. If a prospect can’t get a hold of you they will simply call the next number on their list. A current client could loose faith in your business altogether. Single owner/operators have the hardest time with this. Cell phones and answering machines are common but unreliable. Hiring an employee is a tough expense for small businesses. Not to mention, training, documentation, and trust. Answering services are challenging to implement and only a few companies do it well. The bottom line; be sure the client is greeted by a live happy voice. If you’re using a cell phone, get a reliable provider and keep your phone charged.

ATTENTION: When dealing with a customer, they need to feel like they are the most important person to you at that time. Addressing their concerns, answering their questions, and even just chatting with them can make all the difference in the world. Establish a relationship with your customers. Learn about them. Keep records and notes about the details of your customers. Keep in mind this is not a gimmick. At the end of the day it’s about sincerity.

PERSONALIZATION: This can mean many different things. Personalization of your services, marketing campaigns, and the way you communicate are just a few examples. You are more of a problem solver then you are a carpet cleaner. Customers call you because you provide a solution to their problem. Every problem is different. Your clients want to know you understand that.

EXPECTATION: Managing customer’s expectations will help to avoid any issues that will arise. Cleaning results and pricing are obvious examples. Setting the customer’s expectations, then exceeding those expectations can make your company look like a super hero. Ultimately this is about communication. And smile. They will hear it in your voice even if you’re on the phone. Never underestimate the power of a simple smile.

Effective customer service can be the most powerful marketing tool in your business. Happy customers will be more likely to use you again and refer others. ServiceMonster was built for customer service. ServiceMonster helps you achieve the best accessibility, focus, personalization and expectations your company can provide.

Learn why ServiceMonster is the leading carpet cleaning software for tracking your clients and getting your marketing done. Put ServiceMonster to work for you and never miss another opportunity to stay in touch.

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