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Cleaner to Cleaner: John Glover

50 Years in the Family Business

In 1959, with a young wife and kids to support, John Glover’s dad walked door to door, setting carpet cleaning appointments. By offering good, honest service, the business grew. At age 11, John worked with his dad at jobs after school. 30 years later, he’s still at it, running Glover’s Deep Steam Carpet, specializing in upholstery & odor removal in Pleasanton CA. It’s a one-man business and he likes it that way. “I have 6 children so I’ll have more employees,” he laughs. “Someday they can buy the business from me.”

With his business voted “Best Carpet Cleaning” in Pleasanton, Glover offers kudos to ServiceMonster. “I found them at the carpet cleaning convention in Las Vegas 4 years ago. When I first signed up, I was using Quicken. I asked them to create a way so I would only need ServiceMonster. . They adapt, listen and understand me and my business. That’s why I stay with them.”

“They have amazing customer support and there is always someone to answer my call. In addition, they have a great training process and respect for their clients. ServiceMonster. has always answered my questions.”

Glover’s business has remained stable during the recession. He stopped his $30,000 annual ads in the phone book. “It’s because the reminder cards from ServiceMonster. are a much better way to keep repeat business and stay in front of my clients. Between them and a networking group I belong to, I have a good solid base of 2,000 customers.”

“I highly recommend ServiceMonster. for anybody who has a carpet cleaning business,” says Glover. “You won’t find a better program that helps you build business and be prepared on the job.”

John Glover, Owner
Glover’s Deep Steam Carpet Cleaners

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