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Interview with Principal Focus CEO, Joseph Kowalski

Q. You’ve been asked to speak this year at the Connections Convention. What topic will you be covering?

A. I consider it an honor that they asked me to speak this year. There are many great presenters talking about a wide variety of topics. My focus will be on using software solutions to complete the cleaner’s marketing goals consistently and profitably.

Q. Consistently? Is this an issue for most business owners in our industry?

A. I have been running Principal Focus for over five years now. Because we are so centered on customer service, one of my main responsibilities is to consult with our customers about their marketing strategies. The one thing I kept running into is that carpet cleaners, in general, spend a great deal of money on marketing and are disappointed with their results. Some of these issues can be solved in a few conversations. But the biggest problem is the lack of consistency and the frequency of their campaigns.

Q. ‘Kept’ running into, as in past tense? You have solved this issue?

A. We (Principal Focus) have solved many issues common to the carpet cleaning professional. ServiceMonster, our marketing and management solution, makes it easy to stay consistent with customer management, scheduling, order management, and especially marketing.

Q. That sounds nice, but what does it mean? How can a cleaner, who may not be very computer savvy, benefit from ServiceMonster’s marketing tools.

A. Well, first, ServiceMonster was designed to be easy to use. Many of our customers don’t know the first thing about computers. That’s OK. If they can browse the internet, they can use ServiceMonster. Second, we have created simple Marketing Automation tools. In short, it means that if they can define a campaign, they can complete that campaign in just a few clicks. Here is an example. Last week I reviewed one of our client’s marketing plan. They joined ServiceMonster two mouths ago because they knew that they were missing an opportunity with their current customers. One of the first things they did was set up a 9 month reminder campaign. In just over one month they had increased their repeat business by nearly 35%.

Q. Really? And you helped them with that?

A. No. That’s the beauty of ServiceMonster. They had already created their campaigns before I even talked with them because it’s just that easy. We have taken 5 years of experience and the knowledge of all of our clients to build the best marketing and business solutions available to the carpet cleaning professional. But more then that, we view every client as a business partner. We at Principal Focus believe that somewhere between their customers and their family is peace of mind.

Q. So what’s new at Principal Focus? Your company has always been in the lead. What is the next service that we can look forward to?

A. You’ll have to wait until Connections for me to answer that. Let’s just say that our customer’s lives are getting easier every day.

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