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Cleaner to Cleaner: Miguel Hidalgo

Ease of Program Satisfies Computer Hater

OK, so he doesn’t really “hate” computers, but Miguel Hidalgo of Santa Maria, California, did not want to spend all of his time using one. He had tried a lot of different service software over his 20 years in business. Then he found ServiceMonster. That was five years ago, but he hasn’t looked back.

“I have a small business and I need to focus on training my technicians and working.  I knew that computers were going to make a difference in my business, so I did my research.  I don’t have to worry about ServiceMonster. because they do a good job of reminding, scheduling and prospecting for me.  It’s not just the software, but the great customer service they provide.  Most places charge extra for help and the people don’t even know the software.  I’m not a computer wizard, but I know I can put the information in and find it when I want it.”

Miguel recently vacationed in Mexico and kept in touch with his work.  “In business, when you’re on vacation you don’t always want to work. But it’s good to have a tool so you know what’s going on.  This does everything for me.  ServiceMonster even sends thank-you and reminders cards to my clients.  I just push my mouse and it does it for me.  I’m able to have a smaller office staff because of it.”

His company, Custom Cleaning and Restoration, cleans carpet, tile, upholstery, and completes water damage restoration jobs.  Business is up this spring.  He says at trade shows he hears complaints about the economy.  “Complaining doesn’t do any good.  These are the times to focus more on customer management, getting referrals and doing the best job you can.”

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