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Business and Marketing Management for Your Cleaning Business

You’ve taken the classes, you’ve read the books, and you’ve spent good money on marketing kits of all sorts. You know what you need to do, but can’t seem to do it consistently. Failure to implement is the number one reason why companies fail.

The good news is that your competitors have the same problem, and if you can overcome this milestone, you will prevail. By identifying the best software solution for your business and combining that company’s training and support with your current knowledge, you can achieve extremely powerful results. ServiceMonster is one such tool. This software package offers extensive marketing support that integrates with the rest of your business data.

That’s not to say ServiceMonster is the silver bullet which will magically transform your company into a marketing machine. You still need a firm understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish. Principal Focus, the creators of ServiceMonster, also provide free training and support which can help you get on the right foot to implement the following marketing strategies.

Plan: A solid customer base does not happen by accident. It takes careful planning. Identify your best marketing campaigns by what you already know. Implement reminder campaigns focusing on repeat business. Start referral marketing plans with other local service providers and carpet retailers. Create a customer referral rewards program. And be sure to keep your name in front of your current client base with regular mailers and emails. All of these campaigns can be done in far less time and with less money using ServiceMonster.

Implement: After identifying your marketing roadmap, put your plan into action. A majority of your peers have trouble finding the time to complete this step consistently. This, in turn, leads to more time on their hands next month, and around and around we go. Implementing your marketing campaigns does not have to take hours or days. With ServiceMonster it takes minutes with just a few simple clicks.

Track: “How did you hear about us” is a question that needs to be asked more in this industry. If you have made this a company policy, congratulations, you’re at the head of your class. Now think, “How do I use this information”? Are you tracking your response rate, conversation rate, and return on your investment? How can you implement a referral program without this information? ServiceMonster provides you with these tools as well.

Improve: Now take everything you have learned from planning, implementation, and tracking, review the information once a quarter and start over. Spend less money, take less time, and achieve more profitable results. Within a year your business will be transformed into a marketing machine which allows you to stay on top, complete your days work, and yes, even be home in time for dinner.

Call or visit us now to see how ServiceMonster can supercharge your marketing success: (888) 901-3300.


(888) 901-3300

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